You won’t lose any more seals so you want to go ahead and rush for your corpse as quick as you can so that is very important also you see we have a corpse and we go ahead and pick that up we get an effect called corpse run and this thing’s really useful actually you see and kind of run-up there you go run up through the fires and our stamp actually goes down 75 less which is really awesome and really good for us so we can kind of benefit from this by the kind of running up the mountain a little bit you know what we mean going to it and one of the key things about that we guess corpse run is if you don’t have an item on you like a singular item like this and this one item in your inventory it doesn’t drop a tombstone.

Death run

You can’t get death run so if you’re at the point where you’re coming back doing naked runs you absolutely going to kill that mob right now so go get rid of that where’s the kill all there you go we don’t want to deal with that you won’t get corpse run off the corpse and you won’t get that stamp bonus another good thing to do is as well make sure you have ike third if you have ikether you kind of run for it and get even more stand bonus so it’s really awesome so right now we actually run pretty sure at a speed we guess we not a speed we don’t run any faster you gain stam at a faster than you actually lose it so that is actually really awesome but you can just link these and just kind of cap it up there you can see we’re actually up to 50 now of the corpse run and as long as you have an item each time you die you’re good and that hopefully will actually get you back to your corpse at a point where you can actually put your Valheim Armor Native Gamer on which is really awesome and that’s kind of how we do it.


There are a couple of times this actually happened to me a couple of days ago where we were on the mountain and we died in a horrible place we didn’t have any more frost resist potions so we were doing this exact same thing we didn’t think of all these tips at the time but we kind of came up with them, later on, we did notice that the thing with the inventory right so if you think you’re run up and there’s a chance you die and you’re doing a naked run absolutely make sure you have doesn’t matter one stone in your inventory that way you can chain those corps runs it’ll get you that much further so that’s absolutely the thing also the fires we did the fire chain a little bit as we were coming up that’s actually what we do I’d go ahead and grab a little bit of wood and then a little bit of stone you know what we mean and then always make sure we have at least one extra wood for my next fire we mean to be able to chain it because we were on a mountain where there were tons of drinks.

Cart Trick

There about the turning vegetation down thank you for that and we do appreciate when you let me know tips and things that you find in the game so using the car is very very useful but one thing that gets a bit annoying is when you’re done you have to look at it and press e and when you’re trying to do it in a rush it can be a bit annoying but something we didn’t realize until just recently was as you run along with your car when you’re done you can simply dodge roll out of it and you’re done that’s making my life so much easier it seems like a small thing but if anyone’s used the cart for an extended period in this game you probably know what we saying when we say that is such a useful Native Gamer tip to know.