Fortnite is a battle game and developed by Epic. It is available on all platforms including PC, Playstation, Switch, and Xbox One. You can play the game on any of the platforms. Most of the players prefer to play Fortnite on PC.

While some of them play on the other platforms also. Sometimes players need to logout of the switch account may be due to some reasons. The reason can be to shift to the new platform or to make a new account and play from the beginning Rarest Fortnite Skins. Many players are also experiencing an odd sight of switch version that it is unable to logout to the Epic account and switch to another account.

The problem is that if you accidentally press on the guest account instead of your main account then you have to switch back to your main account. If you think that entirely deleting Fortnite and then again installing will solve the problem then you are wrong. The account details are not stored on the console it is stored on the Epic servers. So deleting and uninstalling the game will not help you to log out into your current account.

Logout of Switch Account

If you want to logout of your current account then you can make a new user profile on the switch then download the game again for that account. Then you will get the option to sign in as a guest or whatever account you want to use.

This solution is long term and you can switch between the accounts. Another option is that you can go to the Epic website and sign in to your Epic account.

Then click on the account option in the drop-down menu On the top left of the screen, you will see the option of connected accounts. In the list of connected accounts, you can unlink the current account of the switch and link it with the account you want to use.